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General Inquiries

In case you don’t exactly know who to contact, email us and we make sure it gets picked up by the right person in our team!



Do you got a gig for us in mind? Please contact our booker Nico de Cock. He is a great guy and will be happy to work with you!

Big D Bookings | Nico De Cock | +32 (0)477 44 27 03 nico.bigdbookings@gmail.com

If you wish to book Harlem Lake duo or trio, please contact Groovetown.

Groovetown | Marjon Warmerdam | +31 85 3012 443 info@groovetown.nl


We are currently looking for a new management. However, we do have a small team of people who believe in our mission and work their a**es off to help us make our dream come true. Luckily, our band-members are very versatile and we run this business together!

Technical Support

For any questions regarding our set-up / rider / sound / light, please contact Dave Warmerdam. He is our bandleader and a very technical guy with a great ear!




Press Inquiries / Marketing

Address Janne Timmer for press inquiries, questions and offers. We love to get featured in your magazine, newspaper or on your website. Also, don’t hesitate to contact us for interviews, CD and concert reviews!

She will also handle all questions regarding branding, website, social media and marketing.