Harlem Lake - The Mirrored Mask

The Mirrored Mask (September, 2024)

Harlem Lake announces their 2nd album: The Mirrored Mask, supported by an exclusive release tour starting in April. On this tour they are rewarding fans by giving them pre-access to the music on CD and Vinyl.

‘The Mirrored Mask’ is the long awaited follow-up of the rock band’s debut album ‘A Fool’s Paradise’ (2021), and continues to convey the band’s main message: only by sharing your deepest emotions can we truly connect with each other.

Harlem Lake is a lively rock ‘n soul band, straight out of the Dutch Haar­lem­mer­meer­polder. With the blue heron as their mascot and a foot in the muddy lowlands, the band is grounded in their blues origins but brings a fresh, energetic vibe with influences from pop, rock, soul and Americana.

To reward their fans, Harlem Lake is giving a special early access to those who come to their concerts. The official release is set for the 20th of September, but the album will be made available for purchase at their Germany tour in April. After this tour, the CD and vinyl will also be distributed to the music stores. By doing so, Harlem Lake wants to emphasize the importance of physical music to the industry and reward those who are willing to support the music actively. The worldwide online release of ‘The Mirrored Mask’ will take place in September, but the album will already be available ‘in real life’ 5 months prior.

Harlem Lake’s music is characterized by the honest performance of each band member. They put in heart and soul, embracing the listener in all their emotions. The new album contains 9 unique songs, taking you on a journey from energetic bluesrock to moving power ballads and danceable rock ‘n roll. With ‘The Mirrored Mask’ the band serves the needs of guitar fanatics, hammond-organ lovers, the hurting hearts desiring to be touched as well as those curious to find deeper meaning behind the poetic lyrics. Producer Guido Aalbers (Coldplay, Muse, Krezip, No Doubt) translated this versatility into a balanced mix of modern and vintage sound.

Harlem Lake was founded in 2021, originating from the ‘Dave Warmerdam Band’, and won the European Blues Challenge in 2022, followed by an extensive European tour. Their dynamic live shows are full of enthusiasm, improvisation and, above all, the feeling of solidarity and connection. This live energy is captured on ‘Volition Live’ (2023), which features the XXL band with horns & backing vocalists.

The band is not fully gatekeeping the new music and will digitally release the single The Thought of You on April 5th, which will be the shortest song on the album. This poignant ballad describes the fear and pain of ending a love affair, reflecting the inner struggle of hurting the person you love, despite knowing it’s inevitable. The song resonates with those who fear letting go and those who struggle to show their vulnerability in relationships, often fleeing when love comes too close.

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