CD ”Volition Live”


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About Volition Live

We are proud to present you Volition Live, our 2nd album. It’s a live album recorded in summer 2022 at Culemborg Blues, enriched with 4 songs recorded live at Better Get Hit Festival in Tilburg. In total it has 13 tracks:

  1. The River
  2. Beware (Ann Peebles cover)
  3. Whiskey Drinkin’ Woman (Lou Donaldson cover)
  4. Deaf & Blind
  5. Guide Me Home
  6. I Wish I Could Go Running
  7. Please Watch My Bag
  8. Got To Get Better In A Little While (Derek & The Dominos cover)
  9. That’s How Strong My Love Is (Little Milton cover)
  10. The Letter (Joe Cocker cover)
  11. I Won’t Complain
  12. Don’t Change Horses (Tower Of Power cover)
  13. Jack In The Box

The artwork was created by Bas Duijst and our singer Janne Timmer. It’s an independent release meaning all profits will go directly to our band and will be used to invest in our nextow  studio album!

Unfortunately this album will not be available on vinyl. The CD might differ slightly from the pictures.