Welcome to our musical home. We love to blend raw 70s soul with contemporary blues rock and americana! Our mission is to share our passion and stories with the world. We started doing so in 2017 and on June 4. 2022 we won the European Blues Challenge. Last summer we got to tour Europe and in 2023 we’ll continue to build on our dream. Thanks for coming on board and hope to see you soon at one of our shows!

x Harlem Lake:   Benjamin, Kjelt, Sonny, Dave and Janne

About Harlem Lake
Harlem Lake wants to contribute to a world where everyone has the freedom to be and express themselves, without any taboos holding us back. By being completely honest about their emotions and sharing their personal stories, their fans receive recognition for their own feelings and experiences.
On their debut album ‘A Fool’s Paradise Vol. 1’ this recognition is a core theme. In a world full of shallowness and facades, Harlem Lake emphasizes authenticity. Because it’s only when we are honest and open, that we can really connect with one another. The latter is especially evident in the energetic and dynamic live shows that are full of enthusiasm, improvisation and, above all, the feeling of togetherness and connection.
Harlem Lake caught this live energy on their second record: Volition Live, released February 2023. Now the band adds another chapter to ‘A Fool’s Paradise’ and releases the first single of ‘Vol. 2’ on 24.11.23: Carry On.
In October 2019, the band won the Dutch Blues Challenge. Previously, they played traditional blues and the creation of ‘Carry On’ in 2019 turned out to be the start of a new musical direction with more rock and Americana influences. The new sound was appreciated by the jury and led Harlem Lake to the international competition in the USA. The brand new American fans were already asking about the release of Carry On.  
They had to wait 4 years, but for good reason. After winning the European Blues Challenge in 2022, Harlem Lake toured from Scandinavia to the Portuguese Azores. The quintet proved to be an innovative, well-oiled rock’n’roll machine. With producer Guido Aalbers (Coldplay, Muse, Krezip, No Doubt) responsible for the mix, the band pulls out all the stops for a successful follow-up to their debut.
Tour dates Harlem Lake 2023

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Sonny Ray van den Berg


Dave Warmerdam


Janne Timmer

Lead Vocals

Benjamin Torbijn