Welcome to our musical home. We love to blend raw 70s soul with contemporary blues rock and americana! Our mission is to share our passion and stories with the world. We started doing so in 2017 and on June 4. 2022 we won the European Blues Challenge. Last summer we got to tour Europe and in 2023 we’ll continue to build on our dream. Thanks for coming on board and hope to see you soon at one of our shows!

x Harlem Lake:   Benjamin, Kjelt, Sonny, Dave and Janne

About Harlem Lake
After being Walter Trout’s support act and releasing their critically acclaimed debut album in 2021, they won the European Blues Challenge 2022. Now the boys and girl got some big news: Their second album is called ‘Volition Live’ and will be released on 24th of February 2023. Pre-orders are now live and you can buy tickets for the album release show here.
On the 24th of February, 1,5 years after their debut record (A Fool’s Paradise vol. 1), Harlem Lake delights their fans with a new record. ‘Volition Live’ contains 6 songs from ‘A Fool’s Paradise vol. 1’, 6 covers and 1 new original, all recorded live. The band recorded two of their biggest live shows of 2022; mainstage Culemborg Blues (28.08.22) and a theatre show at Better Get Hit Festival (10.09.22). The best of both worlds made the cut: the ecstatic energy from the festival stage as well as the honest focus from a theatre hall.
Harlem Lake was founded just 4,5 years ago, but already went through many of all bands’ nightmares: a band breakup and a government canceling all concerts for years due to a global pandemic. Nevertheless, they found a brilliant new rhythm section, used the spare time to record an album and in 2022, their perseverance and hard work finally paid off. By winning the European Blues Challenge they secured themselves a successful festival summer which strengthened Harlem Lake’s desire for a recognizable career. While the boys & girl are excited for the future and are working on their 2nd studio album, right now is the time to celebrate their current success with a live record called Volition Live:

Volition [ voh-lish-uhn ] noun

  1. the act of willing, choosing, or resolving; exercise of willing.
  2. a choice or decision made by the will.
  3. the power of willing; will.

Sonny Ray van den Berg


Dave Warmerdam


Janne Timmer

Lead Vocals

Benjamin Torbijn


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